Origami & sewing

About me

Passion of handmade things, kendoka and artist, I sew lots of different stuff (kendo or other), japanese style of clothes and fabrics decoration.

Sakura fabric was born of an idea, basically make a new shinai bag totally customized. As a result, people have encouraged me to continue and produce them. After some orders, other ideas came and were developed. After shinai bag, I tried tenugui, furoshiki, flags bag, bogu bag, ... all stuff for Kendo.

After I developed other like clothes with Japanese inspirations like kimono vest, etc.

I have other ideas with old kendo gi, iaido gi, hakamas, etc (so if you have kendo or iaido gi, old hakama don’t put them in the trash but give me them, I have ideas to recycle them). More stuff are coming !
Materials like real leather are scraps of leather used in making sofas. I try to waste as little as possible and be eco responsible.

Knitting is also something that I can realize whether it is for infants or for adults everything is possible.

Sakura fabric do also decoration with wood or other material and composition with origamis and personal orders with origamis.

I am passionate and I hope to please you with my achievements.

All your requests are treated on a case by case basis and everything is customizable !

Sakura Fabric Atelier
De Luxe Obi Pouch

Deluxe Obi Pouch

55.00 €

Deluxe obi pouch in real Japanese obi fabric with gold for the outside. The inside is with also a Japanese obi fabric. Little pocket inside. The bottom is in real black leather.

  • Real Japanese Obi
  • Gold and Sparkling effects
  • Size: +/- 20 x 30 cm


Only handmade creations

Set bogu bag, shinai bag & pouch

Set Bogu Bag, Shinai bag & Pouch

200,00 €

Kendo Shinai Bag Patchwork Sakura

Kendo Shinai Bag Patchwork Sakuras

85,00 €

De Luxe Obi Tota Bag

Deluxe Obi Tote Bag

120.00 €


Merci pour le suivi. Je t'ai trouvée très professionnelle dans ce que tu fabriques,


Thank you so much I receive the bogu bag !

Also the other shipanki bag is also awesome !

Thank you so much (again) !
I've been telling my friends about your skills !

Ahh this is awesome !


Le Shinai Bag rend encore mieux que ce à quoi je  m'attendais, c'est vraiment très beau !

Le travail de qualité mérite le bon prix. MERCI.


Merci pour ce beau travail !

Merveilleuse réalisation des masques. Ils sont magnifiques, ils ont eu beaucoup de succès auprès de mes amies.